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I feel like bitching, so I’m gonna post something :/ so…I got my apartment. I’ve been stressed as fuck. I’ve been drinking so much that I woke today feeling a slight alcohol deprivation. I’m shaky and shit. I took this train rider girl home and fucked her for like 13 hours then dropped her off last night. I ran into her today, and she’s back with her boyfriend that beats her. They walked off for a minute then came back and told me to kick rocks. I didn’t really want to kick it with them, I was just being respectful. I was actually there because my friends are gonna have their kid tonight and I wanted to give them hugs before they go to the hospital. The last thing I fucking needed was some woman making shit weird. I was completely nice to her. I dicked her down like a motherfucker. I’d like to think that I at least deserve to be treated with some goddamned respect. Sometimes I love the traveling community, other times people act stupid as fuck and I can’t fucking stand to be around them. This is an example of the latter.

Okay, I’m happy with the apartment. I like the neighborhood already, it’s got shopping nearby, it’s got tons of amenities, it’s right off multiple bus lines, the apartment is big, I’ve got south facing windows. There’s a lot about it that I’m happy with. I’m excited that the initial crap is done. I can start focusing on making it a home. I’m eager to start learning a new neighborhood and seeing how I can milk it for all its worth. It’s an easy neighborhood for that.

I haven’t started screen printing yet. Hopefully I can start while in my apartment. I have to “prove” that I’m homeless today, by spending the night at a shelter. That will allow me to apply for emergency assistance, which will pay my apt’s deposit. I sign my lease tomorrow, and will see the apt for the first time.

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